Report of the inPOWER 2022

inpower2022 book event mjr

This year the inPOWER 2022 trade fair took place from September 19 – 22 in Milwaukee (USA) in cooperation with our partner Infor. Our MJR Sales Team Michael Raber, Marcel Kosel and Steffen Sternberger were also present with their own booth in Milwaukee. The fair was organized by the companies Infor, ISE and Trimin.

From our partner Interform Peter Sørensen from Denmark also traveled to Milwaukee. His Interform booth was right next to our MJR booth. We have been working with Interform for many years on the topic of Output Management. Besides some familiar faces, the show was also a perfect opportunity for personal networking with other inPOWER attendees. So we could finally get to know many business contacts there personally face-to-face, which we knew so far only „from paper“.

There were a total of over 100 sessions offered by Infor, partners and other customers. The MJR presentation took place on Wednesday morning starting at 11am. It was presented by our CEO Michael Raber and Steffen Sternberger, who presented a live demo of our product Uploadia.
The topic of MJR: Excel Upload in XA via SystemLink. The participants could get more detailed information at the MJR booth. The evening program included an evening of entertainment at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the trade fair and had really successful and exciting days in Milwaukee. We are already looking forward to being on site again at the next inPOWER.

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