Automatic invoice processing in SAP Business ByDesign

In this article, we show how to easily automate invoice documents in SAP Business ByDesign SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP system for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs for short).

The functional scope of SAP Business ByDesign ranges from Manufacturing, sales far beyond personnel and project management. Also for service providers we have the perfect solution. SAP possibilities are endless.

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Extraction of document information in Business ByDesign

Or do you want to automate your manual invoice processing and speed up your business?

Learn how smart invoice scanning is with SAP ByDesign, the SAP ERP solution for small and midsize businesses.

Despite the numerous solutions for electronic data exchange, many companies lose a lot of time and money processing their business documents manually, because of the challenge of recognizing the various business documents such as supplier invoices or credit notes, extracting the data and comparing it with your relevant business data.

Here we take a look at the process in SAP Business ByDesign and show you how you can automate your supplier invoice processing using the Intelligent Service „SAP Service Extraction of Document Information„.

What is „SAP Service Extraction“ of document information in Business ByDesign?

Document information extraction is an intelligent machine learning that can help you process various documents electronically. For example, you can use the extracted information to automatically process payables, invoices or incoming payments. At the same time, you can ensure that invoices and payables match .

Process description

When you upload your supplier invoices to the system in PDF format, the uploaded documents are scanned by the system using the „Extraction of document information“ service. Then the system suggests the values for creating the invoices. The scanned values are checked and processed based on the snapshot of the uploaded document.

Prozessablauf SAP byd
Graphics: Process description of SAP Business ByDesign

How to upload supplier invoices in the SAP ByD system?

  • Directly in SAP Business ByDesign
    In the Invoice Scanning view of the Invoice Verification Work Center, you can upload supplier invoice documents in PDF format to create supplier invoices in the system. Also it is possible to use Mass upload tp upload Data in SAP Business ByDesign.
  • With the SAP communication assistant

What is the SAP communication assistant?

The SAP communication assistant ist a Desktop integration tool, which enables you to communicate with business partners via communication channels such as email and provides you with business context information relevant to a business partner and workflow.

How to donwload the SAP communication assistant?

The SAP communication assistant can be installed directly in SAP Business ByDesign on the view „Self-Services“.

SAP kommunikationsassistent

Process optimization

It is very convenient to have the choice to easily modify your ERP solution based on new decisions. To optimize the process, the following options must be selected in the SAP BYD solution scope.
SAP BYD Rechnungsverarbeitung

SAP BYD Rechnungsverarbeitung Zusatz

SAP ByD Rechnungsprüfung

Process workflow

Directly in SAP Business ByDesign

In the view Scan invoices of the Work Center audit of accounts you can upload supplier invoice documents in PDF format to create supplier invoices in the system.

SAP ByD Rechnungsverarbeitung Scannen von Rechnungen SAP

Enter your company here and select your PDF file:
Enter your company here and select your PDF file

Then start the process for automatic invoice processing:

SAP automatic invoices

When scanning is complete, you can review the scanned data and create your invoice without manual entry:

SAP BYD Rechnungsverarbeitung

About the SAP Communication Assistant

The solution supports the upload function via the communication wizard through the required settings and the default logic of the company – by identifying the company of the user logged in to the communication wizard.

SAP communication assistant

For the invoice scanning solution in the SAP Communication Wizard, select the following settings for scanning invoices:

  • Activate service for scanned invoices
  • Only upload PDF-Dateien
  • Location of the watched folder

SAP Rechnungsscan KommunikationsassistentSAP Rechnungsscan Kommunikationsassistent Einstellung

Now all you have to do is copy and paste your supplier invoices (PDF files) into your watched folder, the scanning process will start automatically and you will be able to check all invoices in the Invoice scanning view of the Invoice Verification Work Center.

Summary invoice processing in SAP Business ByDesign

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