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Infor OS Cloud: Maximum flexibility and scalability

The Infor OS Cloud enables organizations to move their operations to the cloud and benefit from unmatched flexibility and scalability. The cloud solution from Infor OS not only offers efficient resource utilization, but also makes it possible to respond flexibly to the company’s constantly growing requirements.

Infor ION: The engine for smooth integration

Infor ION is at the heart of Infor OS, providing seamless integration between different applications and data sources. With Infor ION, companies can seamlessly exchange data between their applications. This leads to optimized collaboration and a more efficient workflow in many areas of the company.

Infor ION on detail: Efficient data integration for maximum performance

Infor ION enables the simple integration of applications, databases and cloud services. Smooth data transfer minimizes time losses and increases the efficiency of the entire company infrastructure. Infor ION is the key to a seamless and unified digital environment.

Infor Data Lake on detail: Intelligent data analysis for business success

The Infor Data Lake is more than just a place to store data – it’s a platform for intelligent analysis. Through advanced analytics tools and machine learning, companies can gain valuable insights and make the most of their data. The Infor Data Lake is therefore an indispensable tool for making data-driven decisions.

Infor Coleman on detail: AI-based company platform

Enterprise AI Solutions is an enterprise-grade AI platform that helps companies achieve fast and measurable results from their data. Infor uses fundamental AI technologies to make a decisive contribution to achieving corporate goals. Pre-built solution templates reduce the complexity and time needed to capitalize on predictive insights.

Infor Mongoose on detail: Customized applications for maximum efficiency

Infor Mongoose enables the rapid development and deployment of applications without complex programming. This platform is ideal for companies that want to optimize their processes in a customized way. With Infor Mongoose, companies can customize and evolve their software solutions to meet the ever-changing business environment.

Infor ION in the manufacturing industry: increasing efficiency through seamless integration

The manufacturing industry is constantly facing challenges – from complex supply chains to changing market requirements. In this dynamic environment, it is crucial that manufacturing companies have the right tools at their disposal. An important factor is to enable efficient communication and integration of the various systems. Infor ION, as an integral part of Infor OS, plays a crucial role here. It brings added value to manufacturing companies that want to optimize their operational processes and increase their competitiveness.
Infor ION takes data integration in manufacturing companies to a new level. The ability to seamlessly connect different applications enables smooth communication between different departments. This ranges from production and supply chain management to the finance department. This leads to a holistic overview of company processes, which in turn leads to better informed decisions and more efficient operations.

A key feature of Infor ION is its ability to deliver real-time data. This is crucial in the manufacturing industry, where rapid responses to changes in production or demand are essential. The integration of real-time data enables manufacturing companies to react agilely to market fluctuations. This means that production planning can be adjusted in real time. This is particularly important to avoid supply bottlenecks while maintaining high product quality.

Infor ION also supports the automation of business processes in the manufacturing industry. By integrating intelligent workflows, repetitive tasks can be automated, which not only saves time but also reduces the error rate. In an industry where precision and efficiency are critical, automation helps to minimize bottlenecks and utilize resources more effectively.
Overall, Infor ION provides clear value to manufacturing companies by helping them optimize their operations, improve communication and respond quickly to dynamic market changes. The seamless integration of data and processes creates the basis for an agile, efficient and future-oriented manufacturing landscape. Infor ION is therefore an indispensable tool for manufacturing companies that want to increase their competitiveness and move successfully into the future.

Infor Data Lake: Data management redefined

Data is the gold of the digital age and the Infor Data Lake provides the perfect environment for storing, managing and analyzing large amounts of data. This innovative product enables companies to make the best use of their data and make informed business decisions.

Infor Mongoose: agile development platform

Infor Mongoose enables the rapid development and deployment of applications without complex programming. This platform is ideal for companies that want to optimize their processes in a customized way. With Infor Mongoose, companies can customize and evolve their software solutions to meet the ever-changing business environment.

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    For what purpose are the ION solutions suitable?

    Here we show you three application examples in which we have already integrated ION technology in an industrial environment.

    The connection of the Infor ERP system to a WMS (Warehouse Management System) via ION. This involved automating warehouse-related processes. The aim was also to keep the articles in the warehouse synchronized.

    Technologies used: ION API (REST-based) in combination with file communication..

    Automation of order transmission including synchronization of article master data. Real-time status transmission was also required (from order receipt to payment and dispatch).

    Technologies in use: ION über REST API & ShopWare 6 API (REST API über .json)

    Connection of a complex production machine with the ERP system for the management and processing of production orders. Standardized dashboard created for feedback.
    Actual data query & archiving in real time with analysis.

    Technologies in use: Infor ION, OPC UA protocol & web technologies.

    Why we are your perfect partner for Infor ION

    „Infor OS connects companies with a cloud platform for application integration and automation. We have an infinite number of connection options with Infor OS in its function as middleware.“

    Yusef Önkol – IT Consultant & ION-Developer

    Infor OS – Your key to digital transformation

    With Infor ION, Infor Data Lake and Infor Mongoose, Infor OS offers a comprehensive and advanced solution for companies that want to embark on the path of digital transformation. The cloud platform from Infor OS optimally combines these three technologies. Companies can act flexibly, efficiently and future-oriented.

    With Infor OS, you are ready to take on the challenges of the digital era and take your business to the next level. Discover the future of business digitization with Infor OS!

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    The MJR Factory model based on Fischertechnik and the SPS S7 combines logistics and automation processes.

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