Digitalization with Hexagon Nexus

Hexagon Nexus platform: The powerful framework to accelerate digital transformation

A powerful framework to accelerate digital transformation

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Short introduction of Hexagon Nexus

Hexagon Nexus ist a platform, that can accelerate your business processes through mobile or desktop-based applications and thus drive digital transformation. Nexus is an open platform that enables collaboration in digital development and manufacturing by connecting people, technology and data. Accelerating innovation and time to market. Combined with our expertise in IOT, the possibilities are endless. Hexagon’s Nexus platform is an accelerator for your digital transformation journey. Hexagon Connected Worker is part of the larger Hexagon Nexus Platform, launched by Hexagon MI.

German Video Nexus (formerly Xalt)

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Hexagon Nexus IoT

What is Hexagon Nexus?

The open Nexus platform supports six core functions: These are mobile applications, cloud environment, visualization tools, AI, interface technologies (edge) and the integration of software and hardware.
Nexus is Hexagon’s new digital reality platform for manufacturing to better connect people, technology and data. This accelerates innovation and brings your ideas to life faster than ever before.

Hexagon Nexus Connected Workers

Hexagon Nexus
Connected Worker Operations

Improve your business with Connected Worker Operations, a comprehensive range of digital workflows that streamline processes, increase uptime and boost productivity. Increase uptime by proactively identifying and mitigating downtime triggers. Increase manufacturing efficiency through real-time monitoring, precision refinement and risk mitigation by seamlessly capturing critical data. Leverage digital transformation by illuminating production data and optimizing manufacturing speed through OEE dashboards.

Examples: Marking of downtimes, monitoring in real time (AR), daily report, machine connection

Hexagon Nexus
Connected Worker Audits

Increase machine safety and drive optimal performance with Connected Worker Audits that integrate easy-to-use digital audits, visual guidance and data utilization.
Seamlessly prepare production lines for transitions or changeovers, help workers manage maintenance tasks and ensure quality with end-of-shift equipment and process assessments.

Examples: Line Clearance, Autonomous Maintenance Tracking, Pre-Shift Inspection,
S5 Audits.

Hexagon Nexus
Connected Worker Maintenance

Revolutionize capital asset tracking, schedule optimization and cost reduction with Connected Worker Maintenance.
Achieve peak performance with real-time data insights and state-of-the-art mobile solutions. Ensure the longevity and safety of machines with Asset Management. Counteract equipment failures with Preventive & Predictive Maintenance. Field Service Work Orders can bridge the gap between field and planning teams and monitor the utilization of capital assets.

Examples: Asset Management, Preventive & Predictive Maintenance, Critical Spare Parts Inventory.

Hexagon Nexus
Connected Worker Quality

Elevate quality control with Connected Worker Quality workflows, ensuring uniform inspections leading to rapid responses, elevated yields, and reduced scrap via real-time reporting.
Address defects promptly, minimize wastage through efficient rework process management, streamline inspections, and centralize data for informed decision-making. Stay ahead by proactively monitoring inputs, ensuring seamless operations, and preventing potential issues.

Examples: Defect Tracking, Rework Tracking, Inspection Workflows, Inspection Data Management, Process Input Monitoring.

Who is Hexagon Nexus suitable for?

The Hexagon Nexus platform is suitable for almost all systems. In our environment, however, the main focus is on connections to the Infor XA ERP-System. The target group is primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We recommend Nexus above all to companies in manufacturing and production in the SME sector.
We have put together the following application examples and use cases to give you a better understanding of some of the services offered by Nexus:

A manufacturer offers a wide variety of configurations for its products, such as stand-alone modules or other options (colors, paints, finishes, etc.). These can be viewed online on a portal. B2B customers, for example, can log in there after making a purchase: Using the serial number, the status of the order can then be called up and viewed in detail. On the basis of Xalt, it was possible to implement this for the customer quickly.

Via a code (barcode, QR code, or similar) on the machine, it is possible to record the start and stop times in the event of malfunctions by having a smartphone or scanner scan the codes and thus record and pass on the times. In this way, downtimes can be documented and evaluated quickly, specifically and without major additional effort.

Connected workers: Transfer the data from your production to your ERP software in real time, e.g. via tablet. This gives you up-to-the-minute monitoring of your production processes.

„Overall Equipment Effectiveness“ Dashboards shortly OEE: You can measure the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and thus obtain a quick overview of the overall effectiveness of your production facilities.

Technology behind Nexus

The Hexagon Nexus platform works for you in the background and virtually provides the technology. This means that Nexus technology makes it possible to create an app within minutes. Of course, we can also develop a ready-made solution based on Nexus technology for you – depending on what your company needs in processes for manufacturing & production!

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