Winner winner chicken dinner – victory for TTC Bi.-Bissingen

Last Saturday the 15.10.2022 the home match of the TTC Bietigheim-Bissingen e.V. took place in the Aschingerhalle in Oberderdingen. The planning for this game started several months in advance and now it was finally time. The FC Bayern Munich team had also agreed to the relocation of the home match to Oberderdingen.

The catering for the evening was provided by the TTC Oberderdingen, which of course received the proceeds from its earnings for its own club coffers.

Also for our donation purpose, the family Dürr / Hause from Bretten-Ruit could be achieved a donation amount in the middle three-digit range.
The family lost all their belongings in February 2022, when their house burned to the ground. This is where every penny can help. That’s why we say THANK YOU to everyone who donated so much for the family. 

The men’s team of the TTC Bietigheim-Bissingen e.V. came to Oberderdingen with the players Pekka Pelz, Mike Hollo, Jeromy Löffler and Michael Engelhardt under the direction of head coach Andreas Kienle. Already early in the evening it was obvious that the Bietigheim boys were in good shape. Because already at the break it was 4:0 for the TTC Bietigheim-Bissingen e.V. and it could thus be presented properly.

In the games after the break, things continued to go well for the boys in the blue and white jerseys and the knot was broken in the young and talented team with the first victory of the season: clear victory for Bietigheim of 6:1!

Thus, the team around coach Andreas Kienle was able to bring in Oberderdingen his first victory in the current season and therefore currently placed in the table in 7th place directly behind the rival FC Bayern Munich. Link to league table
Report of  TTC Bietigheim-Bissingen here

ttc bietigheim fc bayern münchen We congratulate the team and all those responsible for this success and keep our fingers crossed for the current season. In addition, we again thank all participants, supporters and helpers for the implementation of this event.

Topspin-University Bietigheim

Once again we would like to introduce the Topspin-University Bietigheim, TSU for short. The TTC has found a great opportunity to promote young talents in table tennis and to build up their own future tournament teams. The goal is to increase the quality of the TTC teams in the long run. Up to eight TSU students can relocate to Bietigheim and devote themselves fully to the sport of table tennis. The TTC Bietigheim-Bissingen receives great feedback from players from all over the world in the Topspin University.

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