Infor LN – cloud service for manufacturing

Use Infor LN as a technology backbone to drive the modernization of your business. Increase the performance and efficiency of your digital processes – improve your customer relationships, operations and supply chains.

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    What is Infor LN?

    Infor CloudSuite Industrial Enterprise, known as Infor LN, is designed to provide an unmatched user experience and offers industry-specific capabilities that can be used without extensive customization or through integrations with the Infor® Cloud Platform, these technologies are based on Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) infrastructure services and the Infor OS technology platform.

    By managing business-critical applications in Infor LN, you can be sure that through automatic upgrades, Infor LN can always handle the latest issues and requirements of your industry.

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    What are the benefits of Infor LN?

    Infor LN brings benefits to all areas of your business.

    Continuous growth:
    Global solution with comprehensive and versatile ERP functions.

    Intuitive user experience:
    Modern user experience with role-based homepages, social collaboration and workflows.

    Adapted to your industry:
    Industry-specific functionality to cover specific business requirements.

    Rapid implementation:
    Implementation Accelerators for low total cost of ownership and rapid payback.

    Hyperscaling Hosting:
    Deployed in the cloud hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

    Marcel MJR GmbH

    Marcel Kosel
    Sales Manager

    Overview of the functions

    Use Infor LN as the technological backbone for your business.

    Benefit from a single, global service that supports industrial manufacturing – across every department, location and country. Infor LN’s core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities provide everything companies need in one standard package:

    • Global Financial Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Sales and configuration order management
    • Corporate and supply chain planning
    • Manufacturing Control
    • Purchasing and procurement
    • Project Management
    • Quality management
    • Service management
    • Technical data management
    • Dynamic enterprise modelling


    Leverage Infor LN’s innovative core technology service to enable seamless integration between systems, a consistent user experience across applications, enterprise-wide visibility into real-time data, and user collaboration.

    Harness the power of a manufacturing-specific business intelligence (BI) and business analytics service that can better understand and optimize complex processes in less time than traditional BI solutions. Infor’s networked BI service leverages patented automation and machine learning technologies. Through this BI service, teams and applications across the enterprise can be connected through a trusted network of analytics and insights to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

    With pre-configured business processes and data models, custom menus, and manufacturing-specific training guides. Users can work faster and smarter with the application and learn how to take advantage of efficient process flows throughout the supply chain.

    Infor LN is built on the Infor OS cloud operating platform, which includes Infor ION®, ensuring seamless integration of LN with other Infor systems and third-party systems.

    Manufacturers can integrate and manage data and information workflow regardless of where the data resides or in which application it was created. Mobile device support enables users to receive tasks and alerts, on changes and events across the enterprise, regardless of their current location.

    Who is suitable for Infor LN ?

    Infor LN can be used by SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as by larger companies or corporations.

    As an industry-specific cloud solution, Infor LN provides the perfect fit for your specific needs, while remaining a flexible application through the Infor OS integration platform, and can be fully adapted to your business and its challenges.

    Infor LN transforms ERP solutions from a mere system of record into one that offers participation and interaction capabilities. This benefits the entire enterprise. LN connects employees anywhere in the organization to customer data and business processes tailored to their roles and responsibilities. Because Infor LN is information- and event-driven, users are directly empowered with relevant insights and prioritized tasks. Employees gain access to contextual information relevant to the task at hand in the business process and the customer relationship. This enables them to work more productively and prioritize workloads better. And stay one step ahead of your competition.

    More questions about Infor LN

    In welchen Schritten erfolgt die Einführung von Infor LN?

    Already at the beginning of every ERP project, it is important to set the course for a smooth implementation.
    In the first discussions with you, we aim to get an overview of your project, your requirements and your challenges, so that we can plan and conduct the subsequent process workshop tailored to your needs. Through the process workshop, we then gain a comprehensive insight into all processes and can analyze and optimize them.
    Once all prerequisites are met, the implementation of Infor LN can begin. At the beginning, the first data is loaded into a test system to prepare this Infor LN instance for the subsequent key user training. Once all processes have been mapped, training for key users can begin. You can decide whether only the key-user or also the user training should be carried out by us.
    After the training and the final adjustments, Infor LN is ready to put your company in pole position.
    Of course we are also there for you after the implementation, via our support portal you can get help from us at any time. We are also happy to assist you with further projects, such as the integration of software or hardware for even smarter processes.

    For which industries and companies is Infor LN particularly suitable?

    By deploying Infor LN’s industry-specific cloud suite such as:

    • Cloud Suite Industrial Enterprise for discrete manufacturing.
    • Cloud Suite Food&Baverage for the food industry
    • Cloud Suite Automotive for all automotive suppliers
    • Cloud Suite Aerospace&Defence for the aircraft and military industry
    • and many more

    There is a tailored Infor LN version for each industry to meet the requirements of your industry-specific processes and standards.

    Which interfaces can be used to connect Infor LN?

    Infor LN stands out because of its standard Infor OS technology platform. With the help of Infor OS you can seamlessly link Infor systems and reach them via a single platform. The same applies to the integration of Infor third-party software and hardware. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of integration and implement topics such as Industry 4.0, Machine learning or Artificial Intelligence together with us. The flexibility and open integration platform Infor OS opens new doors for modern business models, predictive maintenance or automated business processes.

    Learn more about integration here.

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    Marcel MJR GmbH

    Marcel Kosel
    Sales Manager