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Manage output documents easily: What you should know about output management

Output management defines the entire output of your business documents and is therefore an important part of your business processes. But what exactly is output management and how can it help companies save costs and increase quality? Modern output management solutions significantly reduce administrative work, which leads to cost savings. They can also improve the quality of business documents and thus increase customer satisfaction. But output management is not limited to printers and print jobs; it can also be applied to various communication channels within the company.

It must take into account country-specific legal requirements and cover the output of various documents, such as multi-page DIN A4 documents, invoices or the smallest labels in production and other areas of the company. Learn about the benefits of modern output management and the areas in which it can be used.

ERP independent

Cloud & On Premises

Adapted design

Intelligent outputs

Secure, flexible and simple: How InterFormNG2 makes output management a breeze

To benefit from these advantages, companies need a reliable and efficient output management solution like InterFormNG2. InterFormNG2 offers a flexible and integrated solution that enables companies to create and customize forms and documents, integrate existing IT systems and automate workflow and approval processes. Whether it’s multi-page A4 documents like invoices or the smallest labels in production, InterFormNG2 provides the functionality and flexibility companies need for their output management.

InterFormNG2 and is a solution that manages the complete output of your infrastructure. InterForm acts as a central service program that allows you to combine all channels such as laser printing, labeling, PDF, emails and much more. Thanks to its many interfaces, it can be connected to any system and is currently pursuing cloud integration in particular. But OnPrem is of course also available and supported.

The benefits of good output management and how you can use them

Effective output management is critical for businesses to efficiently create, manage and distribute documents. Choosing the right output management solution can help companies save time and money, increase efficiency and improve document quality. InterFormNG2 is an advanced output management solution that helps organizations streamline their document processes. We will show you the benefits and how you as a company can take advantage of them by relying on InterFormNG2.

Platform independence and scalability

  • Java-based, platform and ERP-independent application
  • Runs on Windows, Linux or IBM i (AS/400) and more.
  • Scalable to your company size (from small to large)

Flexibility and integration

  • InterForm is a Stand-Alone-Software and works independent
  • Availability in the cloud and On Premises
  • Control of the output of all business documents
  • Integration in E-Mail
  • Creation of electronic forms from XML files with different output formats
  • Low training requirements due to intuitive operation

Functionality and design

  • Original PDF- and PDF/a-dokuments
  • PDF-files with interaktive pictures, Metadata, links and more
  • RFID-labels, QR codes, barcodes
  • Multilingual solution and Unicode capability
  • Support for all TrueType fonts (TTF)
  • Observance of legal, country-specific requirements (for Germany e.g. ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, Order-X)

Monitoring and reporting

  • Integrated remote monitoring – active alerts
  • Integrated logging of processes, Job IDs
  • Multiple addons available
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User-friendly dashboards

InterformNG2 Designer

With InterFormNG2 Designer you have unlimited design possibilities. Either create your own designs, choose from over 500 templates or let InterForm create the templates for you individually.

The WYSIWYG Designer runs in your browser and also allows easy drag & drop operation. This means you can create custom designs entirely without programming.

Choose from over 500 documents as well as labels templates to get to your goal faster. You can also have InterForm create your documents individually and be another 10-20x faster. You have the advantage of full color, font and language support. Unicode and DBCS are also supported. All common image formats like PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG, BMP, SVG images can be inserted.

inteform Factsheet mjr

10 reasons for an Output Management System

Factsheet InterForm

  • All info in short
  • Summarized as PDF
  • Information at a glance
  • Your advantages as a user

Download here our InterForm factsheet for free:

    For whom is InterForm suitable?

    InterFormNG2 is a flexible and adaptable software suitable for companies in any industry, from production and manufacturing, logistics, transportation and automotive to financial services and B2C retail, who want to optimize their business processes.

    Even special requirements such as ZUGFeRD or XRechnung are already integrated in InterForm. These are available out of the box and do not have to be laboriously integrated.

    An automotive supplier delivers parts all over the world every day. About every 10 minutes 20 trucks arrive with parts. If there is a problem, there are 20 more trucks coming, etc. after 1 hour there are already 120 trucks. It’s chaos and a traffic jam quickly develops. If you can’t print labels, they get to this problem in the warehouse. If nothing is delivered, no invoices can be written.

    A company has 12 different systems in use – is it even possible to integrate output management in such a company?
    Here, InterForm is also suitable, as it can be used with several ERP systems at the same time due to its platform independence.

    A ferry company cannot print tickets. The ferry usually has about 10,000 guests a day. If it cannot print tickets, no cars can get on the ferry and thus to their destination. Meanwhile, congestion builds up at the ports. The whole process would be stalled as a result.

    If the output process falters, you cannot bake and deliver. Thus, the shelves remain empty and the bakery cannot supply its customers. Thus, it does not make any sales, which becomes a real problem after a short time.

    Technology behind InterformNG2

    Intelligent connecting through the API Toolbox

    Since output management with IFORMNG2 is completely platform and ERP independent, it can be connected to Infor, SAP and many other systems without hesitation. You establish the connection to your master ERP system in a very simple way.

    interform prozess sql xml

    The following outputs are possible:
    PDF / PDF/A, XML, RFID printing, laser printing, label printing, fax, e-mailing, electronic invoices, electronic signatures, Excel files, and more.

    Individual pricing

    InterFormNG2 prices adjusted to your needs

    Prices and costs for InterFormNG2 depend on the individual requirements and needs of your company. The exact costs depend on various factors, such as the number of users, the desired functions and integration options, the type of licensing and the duration of the contract. We are therefore happy to offer you a no-obligation consultation to discuss your individual requirements and provide you with a customized quote. Contact us today to learn more about InterFormNG2 pricing and costs.

    That's why InterformNG2 is the right solution

    Save time and costs in the creation and distribution of your business documents with InterFormNG2, the reliable and flexible output management solution. InterFormNG2 helps companies create and customize forms and documents, integrate existing IT systems, and automate workflow and approval processes. With InterFormNG2, you can be confident in the quality of your business documents, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce employee workload. InterFormNG2’s platform independence enables integration with multiple ERP systems and management of multiple business documents such as PDF, emails, labels, barcodes and more. InterFormNG2 Designer offers limitless design possibilities and drag & drop ease of use.

    MJR can advise and support you on all aspects of output management. We would be happy to conduct a free consultation with you, during which you can learn about all the advantages of InterFormNG2.

    InterFormNG2 output lösung
    InterForm Partner Logo

    We are Interform certified Partner
    InterForm is intelligent output management for IBM i and other platforms. It is based on harmonized data sources. We have been working with the Interform solutions since 2012 and are also extending them with some of our own modules. Contact us now for further information.

    Why we are the best choice in InterFormNG2

    InterForm A/S was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. With over 4000 installations, more than 1 billion outputs are created with Interform every year worldwide! With Interform you build on the output experts, because the company is specialized purely on the topic of output management.

    We as MJR GmbH have been a sales partner of InterForm for more than 10 years and maintain a long-term business relationship based on partnership. We will be happy to advise you on the topic of output management with InterForm.

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