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What is Infor XA?

Infor XA is specifically designed for discrete manufacturing, XA is tailored exactly to the needs of the industry and easily meets challenges such as high-volume batch production, Engineer-to-Order (ETO) or Configure-to-Order (CTO) compared to other ERP systems.

The control and planning of production processes, cost calculation, mapping of all processes in real time as well as complete transparency of all business processes are straightforward and offer you the opportunity to increase production quality and reduce your costs at the same time.

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What are the benefits of Infor XA?

Infor XA enables benefits across all areas of your business.

  • Designed for all types of discrete manufacturing
  • Manages all business processes
  • Flexible and global
  • Supports all types of manufacturing
  • Compatible with the IBM System i-Platform
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Unparalleled security and therefore low downtime
  • Global functionality with local deployment
  • Selectable as cloud solution or on-premise (bundled with Infor OS operating platform)
  • Compatible with the Infor Internet of Things add-on
Marcel MJR GmbH

Marcel Kosel
Sales Manager

The functions at a glance

Infor XA for the successful further development of your production.

Benefit from a single, global service that supports industrial manufacturing – across every department, location and country. Infor XA’s core enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities provide everything businesses need in a standard package, with the flexibility to adapt to your requirements:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Materials Management
  • Manufacturing and Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Purchasing
  • Intercompany
  • Sales

Leverage Infor XA’s innovative core technology service to experience seamless integration between systems, a consistent user experience across applications, enterprise-wide insight into real-time data, and user collaboration.

By using the Infor Enterprise Integrator, you can create your own user interfaces and flexibly extend them with your own business objects. The flexibility of Infor ERP XA allows you to map and manage your specialized processes and requirements according to your needs.

Extend the standard functionality of Infor XA with Infor’s associated extensions, such as:

  • Advanced Applications
    • Infor IoT
    • Infor EAM
    • Infor CRM
    • and many more
  • Business Intelligence
    • Infor Birst
    • Infor Enterprise Performance Management

Infor XA is built on the Infor OS cloud operating platform, which includes Infor ION®, ensuring seamless integration of XA with other Infor systems and third-party systems.

Manufacturers can integrate and manage data and information workflows regardless of where the data resides or in which application it was created. Mobile device support enables users to receive tasks and alerts, on changes and events across the enterprise, regardless of their current location.

For who is Infor XA suitable?

Infor XA can be used equally by SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) or by already larger companies or groups. As an industry-specific ERP solution, Infor XA is the perfect fit for your specific needs and, through the Infor OS integration platform and Enterprise Integrator, remains a flexible application that can adapt to your business and its challenges.

Infor XA transforms ERP solutions from a mere system of record into a system that offers participation and interaction possibilities. This benefits the entire company. XA connects employees anywhere in the organisation to customer data and business processes tailored to their roles and tasks.

Employees gain access to contextual information relevant to their business process task and customer relationship. This enables them to work more productively and priorities workloads better. Thanks to customized processes, you are always one step ahead of your competition.

More questions about Infor XA

What are the steps involved in implementing Infor XA?

Already at the beginning of every ERP project, it is important to set the course for a smooth implementation.

In the first discussions with you, we aim to get an overview of your project, your requirements and your challenges so that we can plan and carry out the subsequent process workshop tailored to your needs. Through the process workshop, we then gain a comprehensive insight into all processes and can analyze and optimize them.

Once all prerequisites are met, we can begin with the implementation of Infor XA. At the beginning, the first data is loaded into a test system in order to prepare this Infor XA instance for the subsequent key user training. Once all processes have been mapped, the training for key users begins. You can decide for yourself whether only the key-user or also the user training should be carried out by us.
After the training and the final adjustments, Infor XA is ready to put your company in pole position.
Of course, we are also there for you after the implementation, via our support portal you can get help from us at any time. We are also happy to assist you with further projects, such as the integration of software or hardware for even smarter processes.

For which industries and companies is Infor XA particularly suitable?

Infor XA is an ERP solution developed for discrete manufacturing and can meet your specific requirements thanks to its adaptability. Thanks to the high reliability of the IBM System i-Platform, which has not yet suffered a single virus attack or malware, downtime is not an issue for you with the Infor ERP XA.

Which interfaces can be used to connect Infor XA?

Infor XA stands out because of its technology platform, Infor OS, which comes as standard. With the help of Infor OS, you can seamlessly link Infor systems and reach them via a single platform. The same applies to the integration of third-party software and hardware. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of integration and implement topics such as Industry 4.0, machine learning or artificial intelligence together with us. The flexibility and open integration platform Infor OS opens new doors for modern business models, predictive maintenance or automated business processes.

You can find out more about integration here.

Looking for technical tips and valuable information about Infor ERP XA? In our Competence Center you will find a collection of helpful information.

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Marcel MJR GmbH

Marcel Kosel
Sales Manager