Infor ERP XA

The flexible ERP system for discrete manufacturing

Change is a constant for you? If so, MJR can help you with Infor’s enterprise resource planning software – for the successful advancement of your production.

Discrete manufacturing faces many challenges: Complex processes must be perfectly managed and all company processes must be transparent. In addition, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, making it essential to reduce costs while simultaneously increasing production quality in order to strengthen market positions and stay ahead of the game. A perfectly functioning supply chain and just-in-time deliveries are prerequisites for inspiring and retaining your customers. And how do you achieve this? The solution lies in an ERP system that can adapt and extend all these processes – a complete business solution that can be used beyond the company level.

Optimized business processes for every challenge

MJR offers you the optimal solution with the ERP software Infor XA. Designed specifically for discrete manufacturing, it is tailored to the needs of the industry and easily meets the challenges of high-volume manufacturing, engineer-to-order (ETO) or configure-to-order (CTO) compared to other ERP systems. The control and planning of production processes, cost calculation, mapping of all processes in real time as well as complete transparency of all business processes are easily achieved and offer you the possibility to increase production quality and reduce costs at the same time.

Looking for technical tips and valuable information about Infor ERP XA? In our Competence Center you will find a collection of helpful information.

The advantages of Infor XA:

  • Designed for all types of discrete manufacturing
  • Manages all business processes
  • Flexible and globally applicable
  • Supports all production types
  • Compatible with the IBM System i platform
  • Low operating costs
  • Unprecedented security and therefore low downtime
  • Global functionality with local deployment
  • Selectable as cloud solution or on-premise (in package with the operating platform Infor OS)
  • Compatible with the addon Infor Internet of Things

Discover the specific benefits of Infor ERP for your manufacturing company.

MJR – Your professional partner

MJR is the largest Infor XA partner in Europe with many years of experience and great expertise, providing reliable and professional support in all areas. Our reliable support guarantees you a fast and individual problem solution at any time.

Due to the numerous Infor projects that we have managed so far, we are very familiar with the challenges and specific requirements of our customers – we can design solutions quickly and individually. Michael Raber, CEO MJR

MJR has developed the Uploadia add-on for Infor XA, which enables existing XA customers to further streamline all of their processes. The extension runs natively on IBM i or any other platform. Using drag-and-drop, Excel files can be linked to XA business objects and XA records can be created, modified or deleted.

The advantages of Uploadia:

  • Is an intuitive, web-based user interface.
  • Excel files can be drag-and-drop linked to XA business objects and XA records can be created, modified or deleted.
  • Existing Infor XA customers can optimize processes through Uploadia.
  • Includes plausibility checks of all transactions for XA standard objects and defined business objects of the customer
  • Excel data is flexibly uploaded directly into XA.
Would you like to know how Uploadia works and what advantages the extension brings you? We would be happy to show you in detail in a free two-hour workshop.