Implementation of SAP Business ByDesign – a process example

In this article, we take a closer look at the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign. SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP system in the SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) space.

The components of SAP Business ByDesign range from manufacturing, sales and distribution to human resources and project management. We also have the perfect solution for service providers. As you can see, the possibilities are many. 


What are the configuration benefits of SAP Business ByDesign?

Here are 5 benefits of configuring the SAP Business ByDesign solution:


sap vorteil 1• Simplifies the configuration process. Configuration can be performed centrally for the entire solution and at any stage of the lifecycle.


Sap vorteil 2• Provides more transparency by disclosing the full range of functions used in the customer’s solution. Prospects, customers, partners and SAP itself use one and the same catalog.


Sap vorteil 3• Lowers total cost of ownership through rapid implementations. As they involve significantly less effort than other solutions on the market today.


Sap vorteil 4• Automates the assessment of your requirements: matches the requirements with the available functions and translates them into the required system settings.


Sap vorteil 5• Speeds up the configuration process by providing predefined content and system settings. These are based on best business practices with regard to industry and country specifics.

Learn about the new scalable approach to implementing SAP Business ByDesign here.

Steps of implementation

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Here are the steps you need to take for the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign:

implementierungsprozess sap bydTest system setup

We as SAP partner configure your test system in which your first implementation project is automatically added and displayed in business configurations.


implementierung sap byd

Choose scope of solution

Selection of your scope of solution is in this order:

  1. Countries/regions and industry type review
    Check here the countries where the solution is implemented, here SAP Business ByDesign uses the special settings of the country (for example financial settings, tax requirements). Based on best business practices for these industry types, the system suggests relevant elements.implementierung sap byd 2
  2. Implementation focus
    With the implementation focus „Komplettlösung“ you can explore and implement functions of the entire SAP Business ByDesign solution.
    implementierung sap byd 3
  3. Choose scope of solution
    The full range of functions is described in the main solution catalog. In this catalog, the functions are hierarchized according to specialist areas, specialist topics, functions and options. We subsequently support you in defining, within the framework of your business requirements, the technical system settings and the content already required for the consideration of all elements in the catalog. This predefined content is based on industry-specific best business practices. Which have consequently been developed from the extensive knowledge and experience SAP has gained with the help of its partners and customers over the years. implementierung sap byd
  4. Questions
    Here the detailed questions for the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign are answered in order to make more detailed decisions about the functions to be included in your solution.
    implementierung sap byd
  5. Review
    In the step review your  results of defining the solution scope again.
    implementierung sap byd
  6. Confirmation
    Here you finally confirm that your definition of the solution scope has been successfully completed.
    implementierung sap byd

As a result, based on your decisions, the system now generates a list of implementation and project management tasks that you need to complete in order to go live. This means you can start working on the tasks in the preparation phase of the task list.

As a result of the selected functions of the solution scope, the task list is automatically generated and split into five phases .diagramm implementierungsprozess sap bydPreparation

Following tasks are included:

• Review of the project plan.
• The transfer of knowledge to the administrators.
• The confirmation that the definition of the scope of the solution is completed and the concept is accepted.


In this phase the solution is set according to your requirements.
Tasks in this phase are for example
• Establish organizational structure
• Define your chart of accounts
• Confirmation that the entire design of the solution has been accepted

Data transfer and extensions

You can then integrate the third-party applications that already exist in your company. And also transfer master data from your legacy systems to the new solution.


In this phase, your business processes are simulated and verified according to the test guide.
The responsible key user must confirm that all tests have been successfully completed.

You confirm the acceptance for the GoLive.


Phase „GoLive“ has the final issues. This usually happens shortly before the solution can be used productively in your company.

• Preparation and implementation of the GoLive
• Setting up internal support teams
• The confirmation that you are ready to go live
• Migrate legacy data to the production system

At the end of this phase, all required and outstanding configuration issues are resolved and knowledge transfer is complete. Consequently, the project is signed off and is therefore complete. The Go Live is successful.

Summary implementation of SAP Business ByDesign

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