Hexagon acquires EAM from Infor

Strategic partnership between the two companies

What is EAM?

Let’s first take a look at the term EAM. The abbreviation EAM stands for Enterprise Asset Management or asset management. It refers to the management of all assets in a company, i.e. all tangible assets as well as parts of the current assets.

Enterprise asset management offers the great advantage that existing systems can be used more efficiently. And this can be done while reducing costs and lowering internal risks. One advantage of automating the supply chain is that operating costs can also be reduced.

Back to Infor and Hexagon:

Back in July of last year Infor announced: the Sweden-based company Hexagon is taking over Infor’s global EAM business. New name of the product is HxGN EAM. And at the same time, Infor and Hexagon entered into a strategic partnership to continue supporting their joint customers.

This strategic relationship has the advantages of allowing Infor to combine industry-leading EAM technology with Hexagon’s digital reality solutions. The goal here is, of course, a better outcome for customers. Going forward, Infor plans to continue to focus on its strategy to deliver industry-specific cloud ERP suites (CloudSuites).
Read the original article at Infor website: Infor sells EAM-business to Hexagon AB

 What’s New in EAM 11.7.1?

may release info hxgn EAM

Introduction of HxGN EAM Web Services now available in REST format along with a dynamic user guide for building webservice messages.

  • First phase of REST API availability
  • 50 Web Service requests now available

Also App Security improved: Ability to control mobile user function via EAM Desktop install parameters

Improvements in General Ledger Accounting  like Faster transactions of business costs or a streamlined setup process to allow for unique organizational needs.

In addition, many new screens and diagrams in the area of asset performance management and equipment performance. So you always have your material in view.

Mobile: Also in the mobile area new screens were developed as well as mobile optimized. Overall, there are a variety of screens and tabs that have been added. An additional section called Screen Designer allows a Mobile Administrator to show or hide any available button in the system. This gives control of any user actions.

As we are and will remain a partner of Hexagon anyway, nothing will change here with regard to our customers and services in the area of EAM.
We will continue to be available for questions on the topic of HxGN EAM and Enterprise Asset Management.

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