MJR GmbH supports Stadtkapelle Knittlingen

We have already supported the Stadtkapelle Knittlingen in the form of an advertisement at the end of 2021. With our participation, we make the new trailer possible for the local music association.

stadtkapelle knittlingen anhaenger neu
Trailer for Stadtkapelle Knittlingen with MJR GmbH advertisement

The trailer has been urgently needed for years to organize the transport during set-up and dismantling at rehearsal weekends or excursions. And most important of all, of course, is that the trailer brings the equipment safely to its destination and back home again during performances of the Stadtkapelle Knittlingen. We have therefore supported the request of the Stadtkapelle Knittlingen with an MJR GmbH advertisement on the trailer.

stadtkapelle knittlingen

The association was already founded in 1900. In 1951, the municipal council decided that the association could use the name Stadtkapelle Knittlingen in the future. In addition to the large wind orchestra, the club promotes youth work in its youth orchestra.

We are pleased that we could support the local club in this project with the new trailer. We hope that it will cover many more kilometers together with the Knittlingen musicians.

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