The new speed of Output – Precipart, MJR and InterForm

Precipart is a global company engaged in the design, development and manufacture of high-precision, custom mechanical solutions for the most recognized names in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets.

Precipart recently embarked on a journey of digital transformation, driven by a desire to optimize productivity and deliver greater value to their customers. While this supplier of medical micro components and aerospace gearboxes is already leveraging next generation technology, such as 3D Printing and factory automation, they have a vision for something greater. They see an opportunity to leverage technology in a way that would revolutionize the way they do business. The digital mesh and convergence of AI, IoT, robotics, smart sensors, 3D printing and more, all have a place on the digital roadmap that would modernize the manufacturing floor, radically transform the customer experience, and fuel exponential growth.

One of Precipart’s first steps to digital transformation was to bring business areas on legacy systems onto a single ERP and CRM platform across their global locations. A very important component in this project was the modernization of the output management system. The previous system was no longer up to the highest demands for flexibility and centralized management. As one of the world’s leading partners for the InterFormNG product, MJR GmbH from Germany was commissioned by Precipart to implement the project.

Within a few days MJR was able to map all requirements in a functioning prototype. In addition to the functionality, the implementation time was also very important. Only a few weeks were available for installation, on-site training in the USA and the implementation of all forms. A task that was easily accomplished thanks to the excellent team play between the Precipart IT team in the USA and the specialists from MJR in Germany. One of the most important requirements of Precipart was the complete waiver of program modifications. This goal was also achieved thanks to the extensive possibilities of InterFormNG. Thanks to this decision, Precipart is now also fit for the future in the area of output management.

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