Partnership with FELLOWPRO and DocBits in IDP sector

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In November 2023, the two software companies FELLOWPRO and MJR entered into a strategic partnership in the area of DocBits document processing developed by FELLOWPRO. The collaboration will primarily
focus on the Infor-ERP area.

DocBits document processing (by FELLOWPRO)

DocBits is the intelligent and automated document processing solution from FELLOWPRO. DocBits is AI-driven document processing, especially for Infor systems. With DocBits you can, for example, automate your incoming documents. Because in today’s financial world, managing business-related documents, such as order confirmations, delivery invoices and bills, is complex and can therefore be time-consuming. This is exactly where DocBits comes into play. DocBits is a so-called IDP software solution. IDP stands for Intelligent Document Processing.

With over 20 integrations and unparalleled compatibility with Infor CloudSuite, LN and M3, DocBits stands out from other solutions on the market. We offer the DocBits solution primarily in conjunction with the Infor ERP solutions, Infor XA or Infor LN. In general, however, DocBits can be integrated completely independently of ERP. No other solution on the market offers this level of compatibility and functionality.

DocBits has a very good OCR recognition. It is even able to recognize handwriting. OCR is the abbreviation for „Optical Character Recognition“. The technology is used to automatically recognize text in digital documents.

DocBits‘ powerful and self-learning AI also recognizes complex tables as well as nested and unstructured values. The intelligent AI technology eliminates the need for time-consuming template creation. DocBits works with a powerful AI model that can be used to train and extract data automatically.

The international orientation of DocBits supports more than 128 languages as well as international e-invoicing. Take a look at our blog entry on the topic of e-invoicing in France: Read article about e-invoicing

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