MJR Team Meeting March 2023

On March 27 and 28 the first MJR Team Meeting in 2023 took place. For a long time all colleagues of the MJR GmbH were actually present at a team meeting.


On Monday morning we met in Bretten at the Hotel Krone. There, one of the meeting rooms was already prepared for us. The Krone in Bretten has been a reliable partner for organizing our team meetings for several years now. We started the day together with a cup of coffee or tea. From around 10 a.m., the presentation of our CEO Michael Raber started, who presented us general topics about the business process. So we could also get more detailed insights into the strategy and developments within the MJR GmbH.

In the afternoon, after a short lunch break, we continued with a plant tour at the company Bernecker in the Waldäckern in Mühlacker. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Bernecker again for giving us this insight into the production and processes at Bernecker. Our thanks go especially to Mr. Bernecker Jr. and Mr. Neuhäußer, who guided us through the afternoon. Mr. Neuhäußer gave us a tour of almost every department at Bernecker. This allowed us to get to know each other personally, face-to-face.

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On Tuesday 28.03.23 the day began for us again in the conference room of the Krone in Bretten. Around 10 a.m., Sales Manager Marcel Kosel opened with an update on current leads and customer projects. He gave us an overview of the projects in which new challenges await us and which leads we were able to win as customers. He also gave a short overview of the past as well as the upcoming marketing activities. Steffen Sternberger continued with an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which was hotly discussed after his presentation. Alexandra Lutz gave us a short overview on the topic of expense reports.

In the afternoon, fun was not to be neglected: We all met in Mühlacker Dürrmenz. There we could prove our skills at bowling. With a common dinner in the Greekhouse in Dürrmenz we let the two days team meeting comfortably end. Some of us met again in the evening to watch the international match between Germany and Belgium.

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