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Read why a cloud ERP is the best solution for your company

You’ve probably heard a lot about cloud ERP recently. Cloud computing is one of the biggest trends on the market at the moment. This allows companies to focus more specifically on their business instead of managing costly on-premise systems by moving to cloud ERP solutions.
Companies that have moved their ERP system to the cloud benefit from increased uptime, better insight into usage and more time to improve adoption and utilization.

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When it comes to running your business, good is not good enough

In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing and increasingly competitive business environment, quick and dirty solutions or in-house developments are no longer enough. Today’s companies need a complete enterprise-wide overview and the ability to collaborate across the entire organization. They need the agility and flexibility to respond quickly to a changing market while expanding the business to take advantage of new opportunities. You need a modern ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. And the technology of the future is based on the cloud. That’s why cloud ERP solutions like Infor LN are future-proof.

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Cloud ERP revolutionizes business processes and creates competitive advantages

A new generation of products promises to reinvent ERP. Read here what’s behind it:
1) Efficiency increase: Cloud ERP enables the automation of business processes, which increases efficiency and saves time.
2) Real time data: With cloud ERPs, companies always have access to real-time data in order to make informed decisions and thus react quickly to market changes.
3) Cost reduction: Cloud ERP eliminates the need for expensive hardware and maintenance costs, resulting in significant cost savings.
4) Flexibility and scalability: Companies can easily adapt their ERP systems to their needs and expand them as required to keep pace with growth.
Overall, cloud ERP offers a clear competitive advantage by helping companies to work in a more agile, cost-efficient and data-driven way.

Why INFOR LN Cloudsuite?

The Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial Enterprise is also known as Infor LN. The cloud ERP solution Infor LN was developed to secure the future of your business through advanced cloud technology.

The CloudSuites offer industry-specific functionality that can be used without extensive customization or through integrations with the Infor® cloud platform. We offer attractive models and solutions for companies in industries such as manufacturing, automotive or aerospace & defense.

Common ERP myths: fact vs. fiction.

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Cloud computing in SME sector

Cloud computing offers small and medium-sized companies in particular cost-effective IT solutions that enable them to scale resources as required. By using cloud services, SMEs can reduce their operating costs and respond more flexibly to changing business requirements. Cloud technology also enables access to powerful tools and services that were traditionally only available to large companies. This strengthens the competitiveness of SMEs enormously.

Why manufacturers should also invest in modern ERP

As a manufacturing company, you might initially ask yourself: „Why should I invest in a modern ERP system?“ The answer is that the manufacturing industry is changing. New business models, products, locations and regulatory requirements need to be supported. Legacy technology may not be able to help your company meet these challenges. It is outdated or too slow. It is therefore time to familiarize yourself with these technologically advanced ERP systems in the cloud.

More informationen you find at Infor:  Why manufacturers should invest in modern erp

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