Infor IBM i Innovation Day in UK

An event for all IBM i customers (XA, LX and System21 user)

On Tuesday, the Innovation Day organized by Infor took place near Birmingham UK.
Michael and Jan Philipp Raber also flew to Birmingham to attend the Innovation Day. The Hogarths Hotel in Solihull was once again the conference venue this year. This conference hotel is located just outside the city and is surrounded by a beautiful park.

The conference started on Tuesday morning. The program started at 9:30 a.m. with the opening, presentation of the agenda and some presentations, including the Infor strategy and vision. This was followed by service updates and IDF as well as Infor OS and Infor IBM i Cloud – Strategy iCloud Partner. The event was focussed on customer discussions and strategies in a roundtable-style open conversation to network and exchange ideas. Topics such as the product roadmaps and the Infor User Group presentation were also discussed. The speakers of the day from Infor were Adrian Masters (Global Senior Product Manager System 21), David Rapacz (Global Senior Product Manager LX) and Ross Freemann (Strategy Leader IBMi Solutions, Senior Product Manager).

At this event, we and our customers were able to gain valuable insights into how participants can work profitably with their software. There was also an interesting exchange on Infor software products.

Infor UK innovations day 2023
agenda infor UK 2023
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