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System Integration and Industry 4.0 – on course for success with MJR

The right integration strategy for your digitization process

To make the Smart Factory a reality – MJR ensures an efficient Communication between existing hardware and software systems

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Industry 4.0 is in full swing and has set many disruptive processes in motion. New technologies offer enormous opportunities for success, especially for medium-sized companies. Those who want to make extensive use of these opportunities need a strategy for making the countless data generated during the digitization process transparent, networking it and integrating it into existing hardware and software systems. The comprehensive integration of all data, such as company data, process data or even sensor data, is the basic prerequisite for a functioning Industry 4.0 and thus the key to success.

Reality versus vision: The IT infrastructure must be right

The goal of the entire digitization process is the intelligent company or smart factory with efficient production processes and an optimal value chain. However, this vision often seems to be a distant vision and the status quo looks quite different for most companies. Everyday life involves complex system landscapes and modules that cannot communicate with each other. In addition, there are direct interfaces between the individual modules, which lead to unclear network and cross-connections. The consequence of this chaos? Existing systems become unstable and inconsistent, and important information is not used or is lost. A uniform database and transparent processes with real-time data access are missing.
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System integration as a way out of chaos

The solution comes from MJR in the form of so-called middleware, an integration platform through which neutral data exchange takes place. Here, unstructured data from the connected software (company data, process data) and hardware (measured values, sensor data) are collected and evaluated, from which you as a user benefit enormously.

Thus, an integration platform paves the way to an intelligent company:

  • more flexibility and transparency through central and efficient data exchange
  • new knowledge and insights through access to and analysis of mass data (Big Data)
  • Better control, lower susceptibility to errors, lower failure rate through predictive maintenance
  • New business models, e.g. pay-per-use scenarios

„We get all your systems to speak the same language.“

Michael Raber, CEO MJR

MJR and Infor – go to the start with double power

MJR takes a holistic view of integration and Industry 4.0 and is specialized in integration scenarios. A large Portfolio of the most different technologies and solutions is available thereby, with which a scenario individually cut to the customer can be found: „We can reach into the box and take out, which fits best the customer“, so Michael Raber, managing director of MJR. MJR builds among other things on the enterprise software solutions of Infor:

  • Unified UX
  • Application Development
  • Network-based analysis and business intelligence
  • Intelligent digital assistant for help and feedback
  • Automation of multi-level and complex tasks
  • Digital document management
  • Open integration of business processes
  • Simplification of software integration
  • Standard transformation
  • Plug-and-play solution that enables central data exchange
  • Create workflows and notifications that significantly improve exception management
  • Develop, monitor or change business processes without the involvement of the IT department
  • Connect applications with events in your business process
  • Easy monitoring of your entire business operations
  • Secure acquisition of device data via MQTT/http/OPC UA
  • Collection of IoT data from third parties via ready-made connectors
  • Enables predictive maintenance and pay-per-use scenarios
  • Registration and management of devices
  • Comprehensive Data Storage Infor Data Lake
  • IoT analyses available via Birst®
  • Digitalization and optimization of maintenance and achieving new levels of efficiency.
  • Maximize the reliability and performance of your assets
  • Forecasting equipment failures and performing preventive maintenance
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Optimization of purchasing and procurement
  • Track labor costs and reduce downtime

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