MJR Team Meeting June 2023

On June 15th and 16th we had our second MJR Team Meeting in 2023. In this report we give a short overview of the program on both days.


On Thursday morning we met in Schützingen in the vineyard hut of the Restauration Zaiß. The vineyard hut was the perfect meeting room for our presentations in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. With a cup of coffee or tea the day was started together. At 9:30 a.m. the presentations started. First, our CEO Michael Raber gave an update on general business topics. Here the current strategy and developments within MJR GmbH were presented. We continued with an update on sales, current leads and customer projects from our Sales Manager Marcel Kosel. Julia Eberle then gave an overview of the past and planned marketing activities in 2023.

The tour continued in the afternoon after a short lunch break with a vineyard tour through the Schützinger Heiligenberg. The tour was led by Stefanie Zaiß, who, as a certified wine experience guide and wife of the local vintner Sebastian Zaiß, is exactly the right contact person for this. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for this interesting and fun tour through Schützingen’s vineyards with super wines and sparkling wines (also non-alcoholic) in summery warm weather. More information about the tour under this link.


On Friday 16.06.23 the day began for us in our MJR office in Knittlingen. Consultant Jan Philipp Raber had planned a workshop with the topic „Project organization“ for the morning, which was worked out in several small groups. The results were presented and introduced to the other team members starting at 11 am. In this way, many good ideas and solution approaches could be collected on how we can organize projects even better in the future. After a short refreshment, everyone continued directly to Dürrmenz.

Because in the afternoon the fun should not come too short: We all met again in Mühlacker-Dürrmenz at the glider field of the FSC Mühlacker. There we had the opportunity to fly with different gliders, such as an ASK21 or a FK9 D-MAMI. The FSC offers taster courses for interested people every now and then. It is best to contact the FSC Mühlacker directly or attend the annual airfield festival in Mühlacker this year on September 16th and 17th, 2023. At the joint dinner we let two beautiful and eventful meeting days come to an end.

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