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Hexagon Xalt Mobility: A powerful framework to push your digital transformation

A powerful framework to accelerate digital transformation

Xalt by Hexagon MJR

Short introduction of Hexagon Xalt

Hexagon Xalt is a platform that can accelerate your business processes through mobile or desktop-based applications, driving digital transformation. Don’t just address specific problems you have today, but also prepare for those you will face in the future. Xalt offers a convergence of technologies that strengthen IOT capabilities and expertise. Combined with our expertise, the possibilities are endless. Hexagon’s Xalt platform is an accelerator for your digital transformation journey.

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What is Hexagon Xalt?

  • The Xalt platform is based on 6 core ideas. These are mobile applications, cloud environment, visualization tools, AI, interface technologies (edge) and integration of software and hardware.
  • We currently support the Xalt Mobility and the Xalt Integration technology.
  • Xalt Mobility includes mobile solutions that complement an ERP or SQL database and are available on mobile devices.
  • Through the Xalt Integration technology, different systems (hardware and software) can be connected with each other
  • In total XALT includes 6 different applications

Benefits of Hexagon Xalt Mobility

  • Prepared solutions, no programming necessary (No Code)
  • Cloud based
  • Secure encryption
  • Kit for creating mobile solutions
  • Solutions can cover use cases for diverse business areas (Manufacturing, QM, Maintenance, SCM, HR, Asset Management)

About Hexagon Xalt Integration

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– um verschiedene Systeme (z.B. Hardware und Software) miteinander zu verbinden
– Low Code / No Code Lösungen
– Verschiedene Out-of-the-box Verbindungsmöglichkeiten (auch von Hardware wie Druckern, Scannern, Waagen, Produktionsmaschinen usw.)

Who is Hexagon Xalt suitable for?

The Hexagon Xalt platform is suitable for almost all systems. In our environment, however, it is primarily about connections around the ERP system Infor XA. The target group is primarily small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
To give you a better understanding of the services provided by Xalt Mobility, we have compiled the following application examples and use cases:

A manufacturer of forklift cabins offers a wide variety of configurations for its products, such as stand-alone modules or other options (colors, paints, finishes, etc.). These can be viewed online on a portal. B2B customers, for example, can log in there after making a purchase: Using the serial number, the status of the order can then be called up and viewed in detail. On the basis of Xalt, it was possible to implement this for the customer very quickly.

Via a code (barcode, QR code, or similar) on the machine, it is possible to record the start and stop times in the event of malfunctions by having a smartphone or scanner scan the codes and thus record and pass on the times. In this way, downtimes can be documented and evaluated quickly, specifically and without major additional effort.

Connected worker: You can transfer the data from your production in real time, e.g. via tablet to your ERP software. This gives you up-to-the-minute monitoring of your production processes.

Dashboards „Overall Equipment Effectiveness“ (OEE): You can measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) to get a quick overview of the overall effectiveness of your production equipment.

The Xalt technology

The Hexagon Xalt platform works for you in the background and provides the technology. The Xalt technology allows you to create an app within minutes. You can easily book the tenant for this through us. Of course we also develop a ready-to-use solution based on the Xalt technology. Depending on what you need for your processes & ideas!

The Xalt Mobility platform enables secure, real-time access to corporate data, applications and content on any mobile device. Xalt servers should be able to communicate with your internal systems. Once this connection is established, you can use Xalt’s App Builder dashboard to select the data you want to show to one or more end users and create an „app“ to access that data. The resulting data objects can be delivered via tablets, smartphones, browsers, and desktop widgets. All of this can be achieved without any programming.

The big advantage of cloud technology: integrated encryption means that security is very high from the outset. Xalt is embedded in solutions that you adopt and exploits their greatest potential.
Xalt Mobility offers Internet-based user interfaces for your company data. With ready-made demo solutions and layouts, you get there faster.

MJR hexagon Xalt cloud
Xalt Mobility bietet internetbasierte Benutzeroberflächen für Ihre Unternehmensdaten.

Connections to Xalt

First, you need to download and install the connector gateway. And second, you need to define one or more data sources.

The connector gateway

Benefits of the connector gateway:

  • High performance – Xalt can communicate with your internal systems inside the same network, thus reducing chatter between your data center and our cloud servers.
  • High security -The connector gateway can be installed inside your firewall or in the DMZ, if you use one. All communications between the connector gateway and the Xalt cloud servers is encrypted.
Xalt mobile MJR

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