Our first Team Meeting 2024

First Team Meeting 2024 inspires with a brewery tour and bowling action!

Our first MJR Team Meeting in 2024 took place on the 7th and 8th of March 2024. We have summarized the program and the activities on the two days in a report here.

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On the morning of the first of the two team meeting days, we met in the conference room of the Hotel Krone in Bretten.

Our presentations started at around 9:30 am. As usual, our CEO Michael Raber kicked things off by giving the team an update on general topics and the status quo in the company. For example, our colleague Gottfried (who has already been employed at MJR) was officially reintroduced to all colleagues within MJR GmbH. The meeting continued with an update on sales activities. This included the leads and opportunities as well as the status of other customer projects from our Sales Manager Marcel. And last but not least, Julia gave an overview of the upcoming marketing activities and events in 2024 before lunch.

After the lunch break, we continued in the direction of Karlsruhe for a brewery tour at Hoepfnerburg. Hoepfner is a private brewery that has been brewing its beers in the castle, which was modeled on Neuschwanstein Castle, since 1798. The tour ended with a beer tasting in the brewery’s own brewery museum and a beer glass for everyone as a souvenir.

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Friday morning opened with a presentation by Sales Manager Nikola. He gave an overview of the newly developed and refined sales process at MJR. Michael Raber then presented the basics and innovations for dealing with AI. Marcel then explained the basics of ChatGPT and used a practical example to illustrate how the AI works. He then gave us a few more insights into his „workation“ in Bali.

In the afternoon, we continued together to Pforzheim. There, bowling action was on the agenda for a good two hours at Mauritius. Three different teams competed against each other. We rounded off the meeting days in a relaxed atmosphere with dinner together, also at Mauritius.

MJR Team Meeting Maerz 2024

The date for the next team meeting has already been set: the second meeting will take place on June 10 and 11. Another one will then follow in November.

We are already looking forward to it! „Teamwork makes the dream work“ is not just an empty phrase for us.

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