Infor announced end of fix support for Oracle-based XA Client builds

In May 2019, Infor reported that following Oracle’s® introduction of support charges for customers using the latest versions of their Java® (JRE and JDK) platforms, Infor decided to standardize on Amazon’s® Corretto® Java platform.

Specifically for the XA product, Infor committed to deliver Oracle based builds for a three month period following the delivery of the Corretto based builds to allow customers time to transition to the new build version. The Corretto Client builds for R92, R91 and R78 were delivered through June, July and August respectively. The August delivery triggered this three-month parallel support commitment. The October builds will be the last Client updates to include parallel Oracle & Corretto client cumulatives.

Please contact us for further information. If needed, we will support you to upgrade to the Corretto client.

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