InterForm – Output Management for Infor ERP XA

You are looking for a fully integrated Output Management solution, using latest technology and fully integrated into Infor ERP XA and Infor OS? You should contact us right now. Spool2XML and InterFormNG is your solution. InterForm makes creating documents from your ERP a breeze.

Spool2XML400 is a native IBM i based solution and converts in one single step your PRTF into a format to create XML files instead of IBM i spoolfiles. The XML file has a structure which represents the content of the output, like header and detail. Once converted you will not see the spoofile anymore, but get the content delivered in standard XML files, just content, no formatting. This technology is designed for XA and makes it easy to replace modified printouts and go back to standard XA. You will save a lot of time and money for XA upgrades.

InterFormNG is a platform independent Forms and Output solution based on JAVA. Enable Infor XA users to distribute spool file data using any kind of output channel: laser & label print, PDF, XML, HTML or email and much more. You can easily create or modify any document type with advanced customizations, using a Drag-n-Drop & WYSIWYG graphical designer. You work effortlessly with design elements like Barcodes, Customized fonts, Images, Frames, Boxes etc. You get Unicode support and you will be able to create linear, 2D barcode and RFID labels. Turn your Spool data from Infor XA into PDF and PDF/A documents and send advanced emails. Create PDF files with dynamic images, metadata, links and much more. Emailing is done with InterForm’s own advanced SMTP server. Create barcodes, labels, checks or any business document based on data from Infor XA. InterFormNG supports a wide variety of outputs, helping you to meet industry-specific requirements in a simple and easy way. The workflow manager allows you to split, sort, group and schedule outputs according to conditions. Combine distribution channels and create automated outputs. Print, email, and archive in one simple process.

For XA customer the option to enrich documents using SQL is a very helpful tool. If there are missing data in your PRTF, you will not need to modify XA programs anymore. Just add a SQL statement to your forms definition and InterFormNG will read the data directly from the XA database or custom tables.

The Infor XA and Infor OS integration package is designed for seamless integration of Infor ERP XA, Infor OS and InterForm. Documents are attached to XA objects and send to Infor Document Management on the fly.

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To help automotive suppliers to deliver all the required documents, labels InterForm provides the InterForm Automotive Solution (IAS). Contact us to learn more.

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