SAP Business ByDesign – smart ERP cloud platform for service providers

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MJR and the Business ByDesign cloud ERP system specifically support the special requirements of service companies.

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    What advantages does SAP Business ByDesign offer service providers?

    SAP Business ByDesign enables you to make your service even more professional.

    • Competitive
      The service industry is undergoing change. Due to new digital solutions, many small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are facing tough competitive pressure. Customers expect ever better and more flexible solutions at attractive prices. You can counteract this pressure with the help of a smart cloud ERP solution. The cloud ERP system SAP Business ByDesign helps you to plan and execute projects. Furthermore, ByD offers the possibility to make decisions without a project manager, through intelligent role allocation and the automation of approval processes. By using smart processes, you save time in the project and project managers can concentrate on other important tasks. Thanks to the effective processing of your projects, you are superior to your competitors thanks to ByDesign and shine with fast project processes and can thus withstand the competitive pressure.
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    • Project management
      As a service provider, project management is crucial to the success of any project. Countless pieces of information from multiple project participants and parties, which in the case of international projects must additionally be documented around the clock, can be found in a structured and secure manner in Business ByDesign’s project management. A visual project plan allows project managers to see at a glance the workload of employees and the progress of individual project tasks or milestones and to make important decisions quickly and reliably.

    • Efficiency
      A targeted digitization strategy makes a decisive contribution to operating more efficiently, accelerating innovations, and helping to generate greater added value for customers. With ByD’s integrated CRM, you can generate satisfied customers more easily and thus ensure stable business growth.
    • New business models
      As an ERP solution for service providers, Business ByDesign offers the opportunity to establish new business models through automated and networked processes. Topics such as predictive maintenance are at the top of the list for business models of the future.

    • Nice analysis
      SAP Business ByDesign Analytics provides helpful reports that you can use to align your business strategy. In addition to analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud enables groundbreaking insights through predictions via machine learning or artificial intelligence. Thanks to the customizable dashboard of ByDesign, you have these analyses, such as the current workload of your employees and many other useful information, directly in view.

    • Constant innovation
      With SAP Business By Design, you always stay up to date. Regular updates keep your ERP system always on the pulse of time.

    What is SAP Business ByDesign?

    SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP-System designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. ByD enables flexible management, control and planning of the workflows and thus ensures constant process optimization. Furthermore, analyses or forecasts can also be carried out through additional applications.

    A secure environment for your data and a way to reduce IT costs is offered by SAP Business ByDesign as a holistic management system.


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    Marcel MJR GmbH

    Marcel Kosel
    Sales Manager

    The functions at a glance

    SAP Business ByDesign forms the digital basis of your company.

    Your company’s HR management is simplified by innovative self-service functions, intuitive time recording and fast training of new employees.

    The interaction with your customers is optimized through various integrated marketing and sales programs. This allows you to generate more leads, exploit new markets and strengthen customer loyalty.

    Accounting is simplified by modern real-time systems so that balance sheets, annual financial statements and profit and loss statements can be generated more easily and quickly. It also optimizes cash flow and liquidity management.

    By managing your purchasing and contract management via SAP Business ByDesign you keep track of all information. It will allow you to procure your resources strategically and with a good price-performance ratio.

    For an efficient production the modern SCM solutions ensure optimized logistics. In addition, forecasts can optimize work processes and minimize downtime and waiting times.

    Because SAP Business ByDesign brings all business areas together, you have real-time access to all business processes. Beneath the advantages in monitoring and collaboration, there is also potential in the cooperation of interdisciplinary departments.

    Who is suitable for SAP ByDesign?

    SAP Business ByDesign for service providers specializes in small and medium-sized enterprises, integrates all key business areas such as project management, customer service, sales, human resources  and offers :

    • transparent costs
    • mobile devices
    • many reports
    • Real time key figures
    • simple expense report
    • dynamic scalability and configurability

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    SAP Business ByDesign as ERP for discrete manufacturing

    Through SAP Business ByDesign a production environment is created where all your business processes are integrated. This means that manufacturing and logistics can be adjusted in real time based on sales and CRM results. In discrete manufacturing, for example, a customer order can be implemented in one go without the need for costly intermediate steps. This not only optimizes production, but also saves on personnel costs.

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    A smart cloud-based ERP for service providers

    Many potentials can be exploited through an ERP based on cloud solutions.

    • Corporate transparency: the Suite-in-a-Box system with it’s high flexibility keeps corporate processes more transparent. This allows the workflow to be more efficient and cost-effective. In addition,to that all data is bundled in one source, which makes strategic decisions easier.
    • User acceptance: the user-friendliness and a intuitive UI cannot only boost staff’s morale, but also increase the productivity of your employees. So in whole that means that a higher performance can be achieved at the same personnel costs.
    • IT-security: The cloud solutions systems are cheaper to purchase and maintain than other IT concepts. You can flexibly add or remove components also – so that the cloud ERP is always optimally adapted to your company. In addition, a high level of IT security is guaranteed by various protection software.

    More questions about SAP Business ByDesign

    Whats the diffeence between SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One?

    SAP Business One provides only fundamental ERP functions, making it possible to manage basic administrative and planning tasks. With SAP Business ByDesign, you have the option of performing complex analyses, sophisticated project management or process optimization. Both software solutions promise easy handling and intuitive operation.

    How long does the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign need?

    It depends – on your company size, your requirements and the scope of the ERP software to be implemented. Normally the duration of the implementation of SAP Business ByDesign varies on these factors. While other ERP systems sometimes take more than a year to integrate into a company, SAP Business ByDesign can be integrated into all company processes in as little as 4-6 months as standard.

    What are the steps involved implementing SAP Business ByDesign?

    Already at the beginning of every ERP project, it is important to set the course for a smooth implementation.
    In the first discussions with you, we aim to get an overview of your project, your requirements and your challenges, so that we can plan and conduct the subsequent process workshop tailored to your needs. Through the process workshop, we then gain a comprehensive insight into all processes and can analyze and optimize them. The results of the workshop are then recorded in a scoping document, in which the required Business ByDesign Workcenter configuration is recorded. This document is then used to determine the times required for implementation, fine-tuning and training.
    Once all the prerequisites have been met, the implementation of ByDesign can begin. At the beginning, initial data is loaded into a test system included in the license in order to prepare this SAP Business ByDesign test instance for the subsequent key user training sessions. Once all processes have been mapped, the training sessions for key users are started. It is up to you to decide whether only the key-user or also the user trainings should be carried out by us.
    After the trainings and the final adjustments ByDesign is ready to bring your company to the pole position.
    Of course we are also there for you after the implementation, via our support portal you can get help from us at any time. We are also happy to assist you with further projects, such as the integration of software or hardware for even smarter processes.

    For which industries or companies is SAP Business By Design suitable?

    The SAP Business ByDesign solution is suitable for all companies without their own IT department and want to get a digital foundation for their business processes at low cost. Particularly SAP Business ByDesign is interesting for small and medium-sized enterprises that are active in discrete manufacturing, mechanical engineering or the service sector. But larger companies in these industries can also benefit from the flexible ERP software.

    Which interfaces can be used with SAP Business ByDesign?

    Through on-demand, on-premise and hybrid applications, connectivity solutions allow the software to be customized and integrated with your enterprise applications.

    Get to know SAP Business ByDesign now and contact us!

    Marcel MJR GmbH

    Marcel Kosel
    Sales Manager

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