Our Output-Management solutions

Intelligent software solutions for the output of your business documents

With MJR you can optimize your output management and reduce your administrative effort

A perfect output management helps you to keep your administrative effort to a minimum, save costs and increase quality. It is no longer just a matter of efficiently controlling printers and print jobs – different communication channels have been added, all of which must be networked with each other, or new legal requirements that must be met in the future.

The basis – Harmonized data source

Many technical hurdles must be overcome in document processing. Often, complex documents are only available in a format that is not available to the existing system and must therefore be processed. XML is now the preferred language for communication between different applications, but many older IBMi (AS/400) applications are not supported and must be transformed. The introduction of the uniform electronic invoice format ZUGFeRD in Germany in 2020 has added another challenge. The cross-industry data format for electronic invoice exchange makes it necessary to create invoices in PDF files in accordance with the specifications. Uniform standards must therefore be adhered to in numerous areas. In the area of printing, conventional output management solutions with label printing, 2D barcodes and RFID printing are still very difficult.

MJR advises and supports you in all topics related to output management. We would be pleased to carry out a free demo installation with you, where you can get to know all the advantages of InterFormNG.

The road to success

The solution is intelligent output management software. This software must provide interfaces that receive information and documents, and that is exactly from the application environments from which the information distribution is to take place. The input can then be processed centrally and is allocated to the appropriate communication channel in the correct format.

The advantages:

  • Quick and easy control of business document output
  • Output of different formats
  • Freedom in design, handling and distribution of documents
  • Control the entire document workflow without changing existing applications
„We were significantly involved in the development of Spool2 XML and are, so to speak, the partner of the first hour. Since then we have carried out various projects and are at your disposal with our entire experience.
Michael Raber, Managing Director MJR

Three solutions, one experienced partner – MJR

MJR has many years of experience in the field of output management and provides three intelligent software solutions to help you optimize your processes. As a leading partner of Interform, we draw on our extensive expertise to provide more flexibility, reduce complexity, and make the output of your business documents significantly easier.

  • Java-based, platform- and ERP-independent application
  • stand-alone solution
  • Control the output of business documentsn
  • Creation of electronic forms from XML files in various output formats
    • original PDF and PDF/a documents
    • PDF files with interactive images, metadata, links, etc.
    • RFID Labels
  • Runs on Windows, Linux or IBM i (AS/400)
  • Availability in the Cloud and On Premise
  • Multilingual solution
  • Unicode capable
  • Addon to InterFormNG
  • For users of the IBM i (AS/400)
  • Convert spool files to XML files without changing the original print programs
  • Automatic conversion of IBM i (AS/400) printer files into an XML-based output format that can be further processed on any platform
  • No programming or assignment of spool file positions required
  • Addon to InterForm NG
  • Platform- and ERP-independent
  • Improvement of the supplier ranking
  • Automatic implementation of new guidelines
  • Customization of templates via WYSIWYG graphic designer.
  • Supply of templates (VDA4902 + VDA4994 data) to meet the requirements for the Factory 56 and the Powertrain Jawor of Mercedes Benz
  • Multilingualism and Unicode / DBCS
  • Native print logic, supports ZPLII, DP and PCL
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • RFID output
We will be happy to advise you in a free workshop on which solutions are suitable for your company and how they work in practice.