InterForm – State of the Art Output-Management


InterFormNG uses XML files to create electronic forms in various output formats, such as PDF files, which allow you to send them via mail.

You can manage the output of your documents using a browser-based control panel, the java application is platform independent and runs on Windows, Linux, Mac or IBM i.
InterFormNG is an intelligent solution which offers you a wide variety of options to customize the design, handling and distribution of documents. You don’t have to adjust any of your established applications and still have full control over your document workflow.

Top features of InterFormNG:

  • InterFormNG Designer – easy and intuitive
  • XPath for calculation of variables
  • Barcodes, graphics and UNICODE
  • Document distribution and workflows
  • Creation of master/child connections in XML input files
Visualization of output-management procedure


XML is the preferred communication method of various applications, yet many of the older IBM i applications don’t support it. Spool2XML allows you to renew these.

Optimize flexibility and efficiency of your workflows and send data from your System i applications, without having to use a computer or any other device.

Spool2XML automatically converts your IBM i printer files to any XML based format of your choice, which allows you to use them on any platform. To do this, neither programming nor the assignment of spool positions are required.

Now we have new possibilities to send Spool-Output to external systems (like EDI) or use it for ZUGFeRD.

Perfect to use in combination with the output management solution InterFormNG.

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IAS – InterForm Automotive Solution

InterForm has been working in close co-operation with the automotive industry for more than 30 years and has developed a powerful Output Management solution, according to the high standards of this industry.

Graphic Output Management "automotive"


  • Platform and ERP independent
  • Guideline conformity incl. maintenance
  • Deployment and maintenance of templates
  • Customizing of templates via WYSIWYG graphic design
  • RFID supplier linking and qualification
  • Templates (VDA 4902 and VDA 4994 data) to comply with Factory 56 and Powertrain Jawor
  • Multi-language and Unicode/DBCS
  • Native print logic, supports ZPLII;DP and PCL
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Multichannel output
  • Archiving

Your benefits

  • Increased corporate efficiency
  • Increased process efficiency
  • Print cost optimization
  • Centralised document and forms management
  • No need for template maintenance
  • Optimized supplier ranking
Graphic Output Management "automotive" InterForm

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