Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution is in full flight. Middle-sized companies are now facing switches to future strategies, by connecting machines to applications and digitalizing business processes.

Shorter innovation cycles and changing customer requirements generate a pressure to act – now you will have to master the art of acting quickly, yet well thought out.

More than ever, new technologies stand for chances of success. But more than ever you also need a clear vision of how you want your business model to look in the future. Those who do not want to transform may lose ground competing with the new ideas.

As an IT consultancy we develop together with you a clear digital strategy and accompany you during its technological implementation. We emphasize the importance of taking your staff with you through the necessary process of change. Industry 4.0 doesn´t just mean taking the next technological step. A new understanding of work processes – especially in sales, services and manufacturing – is mandatory.

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Demo factory

Why don´t you come visit the MJR Industry 4.0 demo factory?

Our demo and test environment for Industry 4.0 technologies is based on a Fischertechnik factory simulation, by no means a toy anymore.

  • A fully automated high rack warehouse enables the realistic presentation of all warehouse management technologies
  • A 3 way suction gripper robot stands for the growing presence of robotics in manufacturing surroundings
  • The factory simulation also includes a color sorting track as well as a blast furnace and a milling machine

The demo factory is controlled with the newest generation of the Siemens SPS S7 series.

The demo factory is connected to the ERP XA system and organized via an OPC UA Connector. The data transfer middleware is Infor ION.

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Infor EAM

Increase efficiency and prolong the lifecycle of your assets

Infor EAM is the leading Asset Management Software – You can digitalize and optimize your maintenance to reach new efficiency levels now.

As a 21st century solution Infor EAM was developed in several industry-specific editions to cover your individual needs.

Niche solutions can not grow with you, ERP Add On products have to be customized thoroughly. Good reasons to rely on Infor EAM as a specifically developed Asset Management Software, scaleable and transformable in line with your business.


  • Maximizes reliability and performance of your assets
  • Predicts device failures and performs preventive maintenance
  • Adheres to restrictive legal and environmental regulations
  • Optimizes purchasing and procurement
  • Tracks labor costs and reduces downtime

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