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We are now officially pleased to welcome our new colleague Illia Borodin from the Ukraine to our team at MJR GmbH since April 1st 2022. 

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New colleague Illia Borodin at MJR Knittlingen


Illia is an expert in application development processes. He has been working as a software developer for more than 6 years. Therefore, he has a lot of experience in developing and customizing applications for ERP systems. At MJR, Illia will be primarily responsible for the technical processes related to Infor LN and Infor XA, from installing Infor OS to developing and customizing applications to meet customer requirements.

His name you might already know because we had reported a lot on the topic of Ukraine. Illia had already moved into the desk in our office in Stuttgarter Straße for a few weeks and was a guest here with us every now and then for a few hours. 

Skills shortage in Germany

The shortage of skilled workers in Germany gave our CEO Michael Raber the idea to look for IT specialists in Ukraine via an online platform. We had 4 promising applications and after a few interviews, Illia Borodin received our acceptance and the MJR employment contract at the beginning of February. He was scheduled to start his first working day in Knittlingen with us, MJR GmbH, on April 1st. The plan was for Illia and his family to arrive in Knittlingen on schedule shortly before the start of work at the end of March.

War in Ukraine

But suddenly everything changed. In the early morning of 24.02.22, CEO Michael Raber received a message from Illia that he and his family had already left the country and were safe in Poland. Because there is war in Ukraine since then. A good decision, because one day later he would not have been allowed to leave the country. Of course, he did not have a place to stay yet, since his arrival was not planned until about a month later, and he now relied on the support of MJR. The accommodation for Illia and his family was found within an hour after some phone calls & messages. On 26.02.2022 Illia and his family were now safe in Germany for the time being.  Had first a temporary accommodation, food and drink. They now live in a larger apartment where they all have enough space together. Read more about the Ukraine relief action in the blog entry: Ukraine – the most important project in company’s history

TV report at SWR

Also German television from SWR was interested in Illia’s story and made a short TV report. The whole report you can watch here or in SWR Mediathek online: 

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We wish Illia Borodin a great start here in Germany and with us in Knittlingen at MJR GmbH.

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