Uploadia 1.4 Release notes

In this post we publish the release notes for Uploadia version 1.4.
This version is already tested and ready to be delivered to our customers. Uploadia brings Excel data and Infor XA together. The intuitive web-based user interface allows you to link data from Excel files to XA business objects via drag and drop. Based on the Excel data, you can create, modify or delete records in XA. Thus, users experience immense time savings when importing data into Infor XA when using Uploadia.

New Button

  • Added support for Excel cells with date formatting. Uploadia will convert it to the required date formar of Infor XA
  • You can now download the processing result from Uploadia. This results an an CSV file with the original data, a status column and the error messages from Infor XA.

Improved Button

  • Added a validation to the action succeeded attribute of System-Link responses. This will improof error quality and prevent errors from beign undetected
  • Added a scroll bar to the excel sheet list

This update again offers some improvements that Uploadia customers had missed in the past and makes it easier to import data into Infor XA.

If you are interested in Uploadia or have any questions about individual Uploadia features, please contact us.

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Marcel Kosel
Sales Manager

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