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Infor ERP XA – architecture

The picture below shows the architecture of Infor ERP XA and the additional components provided by Infor, to complete the integration in the Infor technology stack Infor OS (Operating Services). Here is an overview to understand the components and how they are connected to build the most flexible ERP on the planet.

Let’s start with the database layer: Infor XA is based on the database DB2 on IBM i (former IBM AS/400 or IBM iSeries). This platform has the lowest costs (TCO = total cost of ownership). The database is fully integrated in the operating system and needs no administration or maintenance. In addition, developers have the option to integrate other JDBC databases and use the data in the same way as the DB2 data.

On top of the database layer we see the XA business logic, the ERP core with all the funktionality needed to manage processes in a company. At this point we see an additional layer – the UserExits – which allow to change or extend the business logic in a way which has no impact on any upgrade of the ERP core. Changes or AddOns on this level will be upgraded automatically.

On top of all these database components and the business logic we have the Infor Development Framework (IDF), a unique toolkit to build customized screens, views, templates and much more to adapt the system to users need without any coding. Changes on this layer will be available for PowerLink, NetLink and SystemLink as well. That means, whatever is customized in IDF or additional business logic in the UserExits are used for these layers.

PowerLink is the main UI for administrators and developers. PowerLink can be used as fat client for Windows, Mac or Linux.

NetLink is a browser based interface for end users, which is also fully customizeable through IDF. So users will see optimized screens, which allows to implement the best possible user experience. On top of NetLink, we see System i Workspace and Infor Ming.le/Homepages. These components enable NetLink to be embedded in the common Infor UI.

The third component is SystemLink as an universal machine interface. SystemLink provides a webservice interface based on the structrure of IDF and the UserExits. All customizing and extension is available here as well, without additional development or deployment.


Infor ERP XA Architecture

Let’s take a look at the interface components:

NetLink and System i Workspace

Infor ERP XA Release 10 NetLink


System i Workspace extends NetLink to a full browser based UI embedded in


Universal API for Infor ERP XA, including extensions build through Enterprise Integrator.



Infor OS (Operating services) – Infor Technology Stack

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Infor Ming.le

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Infor DataLake

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