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Nowadays the output management in a company is a central interface between the different processes in a company. Most of the documents are available in a format that does not allow them to be processed further directly. To ensure the conversion and interaction of processes in a company, these formats must be converted and made available to the various processes in such a way that they can be processed. This requires an output management system. To keep output management as flexible and simple as possible, software is needed that can process as many input formats as possible and convert them into an output format using templates. In addition, the creation of documents should be easy to handle. The administrative effort required to create or modify new documents, as well as the level of costs, play an important role. Our solution for output management is InterFormNG2.


InterFormNG2 is an output management system that is successfully used by many companies worldwide. InterForm currently has over 4,000 installations. It is a web-based application that can be deployed on different platforms such as Windows, Linux or on the IBMi, eliminating the license costs for a local installation for the user. A cloud variant is also possible.

Input data

InterFormNG2 is able to process source files with a wide variety of formats and storage locations. For example, InterFormNG2 can process XML files or IBM i spool files. These can be stored in a folder or in an IBM i queue. These are constantly monitored. If a new file is available, it will be processed.

Transformation and enrichment

Since source files often do not contain all relevant data in a readable format to generate an output document, the source file must be transformed. In this phase, InterFormNG2 can transform the source document using XSLT and convert it into the desired readable format for further processing.

Since in some cases not all relevant data is available in the source file, InterFormNG2 can fetch data from other sources in this step and enrich the source document with it. An example of this would be enriching the data based on the information available in the source document by means of a SQL query a database.

interform prozess sql xml
That is only one of many examples of InterForm functionality.


InterFormNG2 also has a WYSIWYG editor. With it you can easily develop and edit documents. The designer helps you to design documents purposefully and quickly without needing any programming knowledge. Tasks such as changing a logo or adjusting headers or footers are done in seconds. Below you can see some of the core functionalities of the Designer.

  • Drag & Drop and WYSIWYG
  • Preview for all outputs
  • IF, ELSE, OR & AND conditions
  • works with lokal or external ressources, e.g. HTTP, GitHub and more
  • Support of 2D-barcodes, images, diagramms and fonts
  • rotation, alignments and snap to grid functionalities
  • Header/ body/ footer templates that are ready to use
  • calculations, concat, scheduling and much more
vorschau interform WYSIWYG designer
InterForm WYSIWYG Designer


More important are the over 500 design templates, which InterForm already provides. So many documents can be used directly and do not even have to be adapted manually.
interform invoice templates

InterForm Output

The variety of output variants that InterFormNG2 offers and the simplicity of creation is in our eyes the top feature of InterFormNG2. Below you can see the wide range of output variants:

  • XML: Create XML like ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, UBL, PEPPOL, and many more.
  • RFID:Support of most different, common formats of the industry
  • PDF & PDF/A: Merge, embed, encrypt, password protect or form fields in PDF
  • Laser printing: Laser pritning is a is a integrated functionality of InterFormNG2
  • Label printing: High-performance label printing with more than 500 templates that can be used easily and directly
  • E-Mail: Sending HTML e-mails with or without attachments
  • InterExcel: Convert various data formats to Excel xlsx files
  • Fax: different fax options
  • Electronic signature: support of digital signature
  • Archiving: Archive created document flexibly and easily using workflows
  • Unicodes & Barcodes:Full support of UNICODE/DBCS and 1D & 2D barcodes

A list of all InterForm output types you find here: Output types InterForm


We at MJR advise and support you on all topics related to output management with InterForm. We are happy to offer you a free demo installation, where you can get to know all the advantages of InterFormNG2.

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