Push digitization with SAP Business ByDesign

The fact that digitization is an essential factor for corporate success should be well known at present. But companies also need a suitable tool at their fingertips: SAP Business ByDesign enables you to digitally transform your processes in a targeted manner. The solution is particularly advisable for smaller and medium-sized companies. SAP Business By Design enables digitization that is customized to your company. The Suite-in-a-Box system enables continuous growth. SAP BusinessByDesign impresses by the fact that your company can adapt to the prefabricated end-to-end processes, thereby remaining release-ready, among other things. You get lean processes and proven standards with maximum value guarantee. Which means, among other things, time savings in your company, which thus also has a positive effect in terms of costs & productivity.

It is not uncommon for SMEs to look for a cloud ERP solution for cross-company business processes. Since the cost-benefit factor is highest here. Thus, an ERP cloud solution is usually much easier to maintain and also offers price advantages.

The requirements for SAP Business ByDesign

The list of requirements for an ERP solution can be long: increased productivity, fast access to business data even while on the road, high cost-benefit factor, a Software as a Service (SaaS) package without license and hardware costs, and many more.
The customer’s requirements for his future ERP solution are defined in the so-called requirements specification. It describes the scope of services to be provided. This scope of services becomes the requirements specification for the ERP system provider. In this case, for us as the SAP provider.

SAP Business ByDesign in cloud

The SAP ERP solution Business By Design is an enterprise software in the cloud. In general, it is more lucrative and convenient for many today to use an ERP Cloud solution than OnPremise. However, both have certain advantages and disadvantages. You can read about this again in our blog entry OnPremise vs. Cloud. There we present the topics of Cloud ERP and OnPremise in more detail..

We have illustrated the responsibilities of an ERP cloud solution and an OnPremise ERP software in the following graphic:

cloud erp verantwortlichkeiten

Data evaluation and access within seconds

This is made possible by intelligent dashboards within the SAP solution. Business owners want to have the most important company data at their fingertips, up-to-date and easy to understand, anytime and anywhere. To understand where they currently stand in business terms. Eternally long Excel lists should be a thing of the past. The more Excel lists, the more difficult the evaluation. In the SAP ERP solution, predefined dashboards can be used for evaluation or custom dashboards can be created.

Who is the SAP Business ByDesign enterprise software suitable for?

Enterprise Software Medium-Sized Businesses

Basically, Business By Design is an enterprise software for medium-sized businesses. However, it is also suitable as an ERP system for small companies. The advantage here is that the SAP ERP solution runs in the cloud. You can also read about this again in our blog entry OnPremise vs. Cloud. Just as suitable is the enterprise software in the midmarket.

Move with the times with SAP Business ByDesign

And start digitization in your company now! The various work centers in SAP Business ByDesign can cover every process in the company. You can find an overview of the individual work centers of an SAP ERP solution in the following graphic:


Erweiterungsmöglichkeiten SAP Business ByDesign

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